1. Congrats to new champs PARM

    Such a wonderful 3 on 3 Improv Tournament! The finals were packed with talent and the crowd was ready for some great improv.

    As the dusk settled, a team of veterans (though performing together in the 3x3 for the first time) took the top prize. Below are your results. Thank you to every team that submitted, every wildcard team member who took a risk, every audience member who came to a show, all the judges who gave up their time! The 3x3 is a lot of work, but it’s so so worth it. See in 2014!

    1st Place- PARM (Dan Black, Neil Casey, Gavin Speiller)

    2nd Place- Pahjonka Johnk (Dru Johnston, Ben Rameaka, Josh Patten)

    3rd Place- New York City (Kevin Hines, Will Hines, and Charlie Todd)

    4th Place- Sabonis (Don Fanelli, Michael Kayne, Connor Ratliff)

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      hooray for PARM, but next year let’s get some LADIES in the finals!
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